Punishment at the Boarding School

The boarding school was full of noise that morning.  The three boys that had been called out to the courtyard were confused and nervous, not knowing what Matron Hellen wanted them for.  They had not done anything, recently, and quietly talked amongst themselves before the stern form of the Head Governess slowly walked from the covered walkway that formed one wall of the courtyard.

She had a small folder with her.  It was plain, unadorned and yet, the boys knew whatever had brought them out of class was in that folder.

She only had to snap her fingers and the boys lined up, their mouths closed and looking at the greying woman.  She was in an old-fashioned dress, the long skirt brushing the tops of her shoes as she paced in front of the boys.

It was the rustling quiet and her sharp eyes that made them very nervous.  Every step brought a little more tension to their nerves, every turn of her head a need to run.  But they couldn’t run.  Each one of them was there as a last resort, the boarding house a stop on their way to incarceration, or back into civilization.  None of them wanted to be in one, so they strove for the other.

She stopped and held her head up, looking down at them along her nose.  She shook her head slightly, a sigh coming from her.  She brought the folder up and opened it, looking at the contents before pulling out one printed picture for the boys to see.

They were horrified.  They could not look away as she looked at the picture that one of them had printed off the school computer.  They had thought no one knew, that no one could find their hiding space.

Her voice was stern.  “This is not allowed.”

They glanced up at her eyes but none of them could look at her directly for too long.

She lowered the folder and they could see that the pictures they had printed and hid in several places were in that folder.  One of the boys shivered as he stood there, trying not to cringe away.  He had been punished only a month before and knew how cruel the Head Governess could be.

“Pull down your pants.”

One of the three started to undo his pants, the others looking at her as if she were crazy.  The one who had been punished before tried to make signals that they really should do as she said, since they had no other real option.  Disobedience would just mean more punishment.

The seriousness of what was happening hit one of the still clothed boys as two other teachers at the school showed themselves at the edges of the courtyard, blocking the escape routes.  Soon, there were three teenaged boys wearing their school uniform shirts and shoes and not much else standing in the slightly chilly air in the open courtyard of the boarding school.  The stern woman went to a stone bench and sat, the offending pictures being put beside her.

Matron Hellen motioned to the boy who had dropped his pants first.  “I am disappointed, Greg.  I thought the last time would make it clear you are not going to survive this without coming into line.”

He nodded, a mumbled, “Yes, Ma’am,” coming out of him before he came to her and started to bend over her lap.

The other two boys were being pushed past shocked.  They watched as their cohort seemed to be willingly spanked in front of them.  They both mentally counted the loud smacks on his ass, a pair of hits, one each cheek, for each picture that she had found.

One of the boys tried to cover his unwonted reaction by holding his hands in front of his crotch.  He did not know why his dick was coming up while he was watching the Head Governess paddle Greg with her hand, but it was.  She saw that he was trying to hide himself.  She motioned to one of the other teachers and he found his arms being held to his side by the surprisingly strong woman.

The first boy was crying as he got up from her lap, his face and ass almost matching in their redness.  He stood in front of Matron Hellen with his head bowed and tears streaming down his face.  The hand that had just smacked his bottom went to his cheek and wiped the tears away.  It was tender after the tough.

The boy who had his dick poking up out from under his uniform shirt watched as the second of his cohorts went over Matron Hellen’s lap.  He was given as many smacks, plus a set for not obeying immediately.  There was again a small gesture from the Head Governess of comfort before she turned to the last boy.

“No!”  He tried to pull away from the teacher who had his arms.  He was not the smallest teen in the school, but he felt he should have been able to get away from the woman holding him.  He was dragged to the bench and forced over her lap.  The other two boys were employed to hold his wrists and ankles, keeping him pinned to the cold stone.

The more he tried to resist, the more his dick felt the stiff fabric of her dress rub against him, making the anger and terror he had more and more exciting with the sensations.

Each smack was fire on his ass.  He stopped counting as the embarrassment and frustration overwhelmed him, the pain changing at some point to heat that went through his ass and into his dick.  He still struggled, but it was a token struggle, to keep his dick rubbing against Matron Hellen’s lap.

She stopped, but she did not let him up.  “If you do not stop wigging around, I will not only reapply your punishment, I will do so to the other two boys.”

That stopped him cold.  The tears in his eyes did not cover the look he saw from the boy holding his wrists.  He could not have seen such a pityingly sorrowful face without kicking someone’s puppy.  He held still as his punishment spanking continued, the extra he had earned blending together.

His raging hard-on was not going down, even as he stood in front of the Head Governess and the other teachers.  They did not seem to see it, but it ached almost as much as his ass now did.  She looked into his eyes and wiped the tears from his cheek, a small smile flashing on his lips, through every embarrassed feeling he had.

The three of them were stood up along the path, the pictures they had printed out displayed on the bench.  Their backs were turned, their hands holding their shirts up so that the full redness of their asses could be seen.  There was to be no hiding of what had just happened.

The noise of the school changed, becoming quieter and then louder.  There were hushed sounds and then the boys’ classmates were brought through the courtyard to see what happens to naughty boys in the boarding school.  Matron Hellen stood and watched the boys as they filed by, noting who reacted to what.  She waited until all but the three were back in their classes to let the boys turn around.

“I expect you to follow the rules.  This was minor, so you will not be restricted to the grounds.  Henry, I will make you responsible for any more pictures I may find until further notice.”  She saw him start to object, but he did not voice it.  “We will review this matter in two weeks.”

The boys were allowed to pull up their pants and tidy themselves before being dismissed.  The teachers waited until the boys were inside before letting their smiles show.  Matron Hellen smiled herself and nodded to the others, dismissing them with a look.  She picked up the pictures and looked at them.  They were inventive in their choice of contraband.  If they were caught again, they would have the full punishment.

Matron Hellen smiled as she put the pictures in the plain folder and headed for her office.  Such naughty boys.

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